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Safety Life


At S&S we believe that safety is paramount and that the only way to achieve a truly successful safety program is to develop the correct safety culture, we call this Safety Life. This program is all encompassing and is designed to motivate your staff into being safer and more responsible, to take safety out of your hands and put it in theirs.

We know that companies try very hard to manage their safety programs but we want to teach you how to let them manage their own program. When they feel empowered to control their own situation you will see a substantial improvement in the safety and quality of work they produce.


We have developed a proprietary audit system to allow us to identify potential OSHA violations. Most employers think that an OSHA audit is only comprised of physical risk assessments but that is a serious mistake. OSHA also is looking for documentation and if you are missing that it could cost you considerably. Let us come in and review your program and fill all of the gaps you may not even know you have.


One of the most crucial components of the isn’t the written program itself it is the relationship of the management and staff. We help to educate the staff as a whole including the management on how to conduct a proper and functional safety program. Once the culture shifts the operational gains are limitless.

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