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What is a Return 2 Work Program?

A Return to Work (RTW) program, simply put, means allowing employees, who are unable to perform their usual duties due to an injury or illness, to return to work in a temporary, limited, or light duty capacity while they recover.


Statistically, the longer an injured employee is out of work due to their injury or illness, the less likely they are to return to work at all, and the more expensive the claim becomes. In fact, an employee who is out of work for six months has less than a 50% chance of returning to gainful employment. If lost time reaches one year, the chances of successfully returning to work drop to 10%.

Return to work programs are most effective when combined with injury prevention and management strategies like S&S Safety Consulting offers.  

Volunteering Group

How Does Our R2W Program Work?

Volunteers Packing Food

When your employee has been injured and the treating provider has assigned modified duty, our R2W program will place your injured employee in a Non-Profit organization to volunteer while you continue to pay their wages.  ​

Our program allows your injured employee to give back to their community and remain active supporting a speedy recovery.

A successful R2W program can produce an estimated $8-$10 savings for every $1 invested when you factor in keeping claim costs down, lessening the life of claims and reducing the costs of training new employees since your employees will return to work faster.

Not only will our R2W program expedite recovery but you will see a cost saving on insurance premiums also.  

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